2023 business messaging trends

Know what customers want, when they want it, and why.

Talking about an (SMS) evolution

Customers have increasingly high expectations.

Consumers want to engage immediately and get a response back, pronto. Oh, and it must be by the channel of their choice, or they may move on.  So, what’s a business to do to stay on top? 

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Business texting helps to build your brand.

Nearly 82% of respondents featured in our report said being able to text or message on social media with a business makes them feel better about the brand, but only 13% of businesses have invested in the social channel. Are you part of the 13% or is it your competitor?

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Speed is crucial.

Customers want answers—fast. When it comes to the type of texts consumers really want from businesses, service notifications top the list. Oh yeah, and they expect it to be personal and meaningful. 

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SMS is just the beginning.

Speaking of meaningful connections, we’re living in an era where small and medium-sized businesses can create better connections with their audience.  

Our report reveals that SMS is still an important channel—but it's just the beginning. Want to know the 5 key business messaging trends for 2023 before your competition?

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