It’s time to get conversational with your customers.

The secret to building lasting customer relationships is out. No more talking at them, it’s time to engage. Personal, friendly chats make them feel seen – and give you all the insights.

Discover how to nail conversational messaging.

Consumers opted into Business SMS.

Forget old-fashioned phone calls. Hold off emails, please. Customers want you to text them.

Want messages personalised.

Personalisation helps customers feel seen, and like they’ll have a better experience with businesses.


Expect a response within 24 hours.

Time is money, people. Customers will no longer settle for a slow response from your business.


Expect to engage via social media.

You’ve got to be where your customers are, and available via their preferred channel. Or it’s sayonara.


Transform your messaging game.

Customers want to get closer to you. Really close. Like chatting one-on-one
whenever they want, via the channel of their choice.

Conversational messaging is your solution. Here's three reasons why:

Man with yellow shirt, grey hair and glasses holding a mobile phone.

Be where your customers are.

You want to be where your customers are? Well, they’re on their phones. And that’s where you should be, too. Bring the conversation to them in the messaging apps and social channels they prefer. So you can keep the conversation going as they go about their day.

two people back to back smiling looking at their phones.

Make it

It’s easy to broadcast to your customers. It’s way harder to figure out what they actually want. Conversational messaging is two-way , just like you would chat with a friend. Customers then feel heard and understood, and you get authentic insights while accelerating the path to purchase.

Woman wearing a green shirt holding a phone and smiling.

Build connections, build loyalty.

Loyal customers spend about 67% more than new ones. Phew. So it’s worth snuggling up to them. 

Conversational messaging lets you offer a superior customer experience (instead of just selling to your audience). They stay happy, you stay ahead of the competition. Simple.

Conversational messaging = more connected customers.

of customers feel more connected to a brand.
of customers feel more confident about a brand.
will buy more stuff via messaging in the future.
expect to message more customer service questions in the future.

Source: Meta


Conversational messaging made one Aussie business more flexible.

In four years, Muse Pilates has become a ten-studio empire. It’s the go-to place for thousands of Australian women, of all different shapes and sizes, to get a kick-ass workout or stretch. But, as each new studio has opened, the biggest challenge has been staying connected with its rapidly expanding community. That’s until Muse discovered SMS. Now, it’s all fun and personalised two-way conversations with individual members – with a whopping 114% increase in inbound messages in just six months. Sweet!

Read the rest.
"When we made our SMS more personalised and fun, people interacted with us, and started asking questions. Now that people have our number saved, we’re finding they’re choosing to text us more."

Mackenzie Ford, Digital Marketing Executive, Muse Pilates.


Six ways you can start using conversational messaging right now.

Not sure where to start? Here’s some things you can do right now (like, today) to start connecting with your customers.


Shift your conversations
to SMS.

You want to be where your customers are? Well, they’re on their phones. And that’s where you should be, too.

Ask for a reply, find out what they want.

"Reply Y to confirm.” “Do you want us to book you in?” “Text us back.” Make it clear you’re after a two-way chat.

Use pictures, hook
them fast.

Take customer experience and engagement to the next level with pictures, gifs, and animated offers. Aka MMS.

Personalise your marketing, win the attention.

Other brands are flooding your customers’ phones with impersonal broadcast marketing. Be the brand that knows them.

Social media – the
place to be, acquire,
and soar.

40% of 18-24 year-olds use social media as their primary search engine. If you’re not there, you’re missing out.

Stay mobile, and
manage business convos on the go.

It’s not just customers on their phones all day. Make sure your team’s all set up to keep the conversation going.

Ready to make your conversations count?

In 2024, customers want – and expect – you to build a relationship with your brand through meaningful, one-to-one conversations.

Check out our latest playbook. It’s designed to help you do just that (and more).