Get closer to your customers.

All the insights. All the data. All the inspo. Everything you need to get closer to your customers is right here. So you can build loyalty, boost sales, and create those beautiful connections.

of customers want to text you.

Forget old-fashioned phone calls. No emails please. Customers want to text your business.

Source: Clickatell

are frustrated by chat bots.

Hearing back from a human helps customers feel like they’ll have a better experience with businesses.

Source: Forrester

expect an immediate reply.

Time is money, people. Customers will no longer settle for a slow response from your business.

Source: Zendesk

say it’s make or break.

You’ve got to be where your customers are, and available via their preferred channel. Or it’s sayonara.

Source: Forrester

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Make some beautiful connections.

Customers want to get closer to you. Really close. Like chatting one-on-one whenever they want, via the channel of their choice.

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Be where your customers are.

In 2023, your audience is chatting to brands via SMS and all of the social channels. You need to be there too.

Show your fans some love.

Loyal customers spend around 67% more than new ones. Phew. So it’s worth snuggling up to them.

Get all over your CX.

Offer a superior customer experience (instead of just selling to your audience). Stay ahead of bigger brands. Simple.

Meta says conversational messaging = more connected customers.

of customers feel more connected to a brand.
of customers feel more confident about a brand.
will buy more stuff via messaging in the future.
expect to message more customer service questions in the future.



Sort out your tech stack.

Tech plays a huge part in building and maintaining customer relationships. So it’s important to get your tech stack right, so you can offer top-notch customer service and support. It’s all part of building some serious brand love for your business.

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Speak with your people.

Get in touch with your audience to find out how – and where – they want to communicate with you.

Then, see if it’s easy for your people to stay across different conversations, channels and teams. How is this affecting their ability to convert new opportunities?


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Consider other tools.

Look for software that could help you manage customer communications easily and more affordably across multiple channels. Psst – we can help.



Supporting second-chance students via SMS.

Since 2009, Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) has offered non-traditional students a second chance at high-school graduation. And so far, SHCOE has helped more than 14,000 students graduate – and enrolment hasn’t slowed down.

But the organisation needed a way to communicate at scale, while still making every student feel fully seen and supported.

The solution? Offering direct, immediate support via automated and personal SMS. Easy.

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“If I notice a student has been missing assignments, SMS gives me a way to reach out personally and ask if everything’s okay.”

Kelley Newman
Academic Coach Team Lead, Smart Horizons Career Online Education.


Group 21639 padded
of student comms are via personal SMS.

Kelley says adding SMS to their communications support strategy has worked wonders for student morale.

“Graduates tell us, 'If it wasn’t for those messages, I wouldn’t be here today'… Those text messages remind them someone believes in them.”


Connecting with donors, from a distance.

For years, children’s charity UNICEF New Zealand has raised donations, mobilised volunteers and spread the word about important causes. All via SMS. Boom.

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Ready to make some beautiful connections?

In 2023, customers want – and expect – you to build a relationship with your brand through meaningful, one-to-one conversations.

Check out our latest playbook. It’s designed to help you do just that (and more).

27 April 2023

Woo the newbies.

Get the low-down on how to snuggle up to new customers and stand out from the rest.

Spoiler alert: it’s not about undercutting the competition. It’s about building better connections, from day dot.

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27 April 2023

Keep 'em loyal.

Ok, so you can’t stop competitors from trying to steal your customers. But, you can remove the temptation.

All it takes is a bit of connection. Think instant customer service replies. Timely updates. Special offers. All via conversational messaging.

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27 April 2023

Keep 'em close.

Finding and retaining good talent is one of the biggest concerns for businesses this year. Fact.  

See how conversational messaging could help make your processes smoother and bring your team closer, wherever they are in the world. 

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